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What is a catering service?
It is the transport of food cooked des -elaborada a centrally kitchen to another site by a specialized company, ready to be consumed.

What does a caterer?
A minimum service is a service catering meal delivery with or without beverages. This service can be extended with table service (table linen, chairs, tables, glassware …), also with waiter service, stoves, tents, florist, music … to open a restaurant where there is none.

If I ask a snack (or cocktail, lunch, coffee break …) to Catering Casanovas with the delivery of food and drink I have to ask for glasses and tablecloths?
It is not necessary, with the price of the service is included disposable single-use utensils. If the customer requests, we can expand the service with glassware, linens, tables, chairs, etc.

The price of a catering service includes transportation?
Normally not, depending on the type of service can be included or not transportation, as normal is that a minimum charged for transporting food.

What is a coffee break or coffee break?
It is based on a short break of pastries, juices and coffees that usually does not become a breakfast service.

What is a lunch?
It is an appetizer with sandwiches and snacks that may or may not replace a meal.

With a snack you can eat or take a lunch?
The appetizers themselves are not usually a lunch or a meal; it is important to realize this point because the same people and the same service at different times may be insufficient service. Catering Casanovas performs services as we adapt to the needs and expectations of each client.

Can any company can make a catering service?
Only companies authorized to do so legally and with proper sanitary registration can do. For example, a bakery, deli, or restaurant, for the simple fact of being is not authorized to perform a catering service; unless you have the proper health permit as bakery, deli, restaurant (…) and catering service expressly authorized in such cases are two health records, one pastry activity (for example) and another as a company catering.

Can I ask the sanitary registration number?
Yes, companies are required to show, in invoices, website, etc. It is a further guarantee that the company is controlled by the administration and that things are done correctly.

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